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Collaborative Research Opportunities

To achieve its mission, Vcan® attracts, supports and sponsors research projects that demonstrate the link (directly or indirectly) between improvement of patient outcomes and the improvement of nursing education and training, and development of professional, sustainable nursing organizations.

Why collaborate with Vcan?

For students and academic researchers, the opportunity to:

  1. Collaborate with hospital-based healthcare organization.
  2. Contribute to the service community in a new way.
  3. Apply their research expertise to a real-world nursing problem, to move beyond the regular confines of the university setting.

For nurses and other leaders in hospital-based healthcare organizations, the opportunity is to:

  1. Collaborate with resources that increase their capacity to conduct research.
  2. Demonstrate the effectiveness of their residency investment.
  3. Showcase their organization as a national “thought leader” through publication and podium presentations.

Vcan believes that talent and shared vision is not enough. In fact, healthcare in general, and the nursing profession specifically, is full of talented individuals who share a common vision – safe, quality and efficient patient care delivery. Even more so, the vision includes safe, quality and efficient patient care that is repeatable, consistent and sustainable. But current academic-practice challenges can create a disconnect and misalignment within and between service and academic organizations. This has resulted in work strategies rampant with waste and very little advancement for the profession of nursing. To move beyond this roadblock dilemma, Vcan provides the data and support for project development. Vcan believes that it is only through an aligned team vision that the capacity to create the results will drive the advancement of nursing. Vcan welcomes scholars and researchers looking for data in the area of RNs in transition. This includes new graduate RNs, RNs moving from one area of practice to another, and Advanced Practice RN Fellows. It also includes data for Preceptor Role Development, Mentoring and Debriefing, and Performance Gap Analysis. Based on the individual’s interests, Vcan will provide access to the Versant National Database. Currently, Versant is using the following metrics:

The mission of Versant’s Center for the Advancement of Nursing® (Vcan®) is to provide professional and organizational development opportunities through research, education, publishing, conferences and other events where nursing and healthcare professionals can engage in a collaborative and disciplined model.

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